Coastal Plains Homes stands as a premier choice for crafting custom homes in Corpus Christi and surrounding South Texas areas. Upholding the belief that everyone deserves a custom home tailored to their preferences, we have built a reputation for constructing houses throughout the expansive South Texas region. Not just limited to custom home building, Coastal Plains Homes expands its horizons by offering subcontractor services in most home building aspects.

We extend our services in Corpus Christi, TX, and throughout South Texas, while catering to all stages of your custom home build. From an experienced plumber, to knowledgeable electricians and HVAC services, Coastal Plains Homes has you covered. At Coastal Plains Homes, we don’t just build homes; we construct an experience to make sure every detail is taken care of by our custom home builder professionals.

So, whether it’s a comfortable home in the city or a serene retreat in the South Texas countryside, our team at Coastal Plains Homes is here to help you bring your dream house to life. We are more than a custom home builder, we are your partner in creating the perfect space that suits your family needs. Let Coastal Plains Homes be your partner in this exciting journey of home building. 

About Our Mission

At Coastal Plains Homes, our mission is to construct homes that blend timeless beauty with enduring quality. Every blueprint we put to work, every brick we lay, and every plan we implement is rooted in our commitment to creating a living space that’s aligned with our clients’ lifestyle. The homes we build aren’t just structures; they are our clients’ visions, constructed with attention to detail and the highest standards of home construction. Our pursuit for excellence ensures that these custom homes stand the test of time while offering comfort, utility, and aesthetic appeal for years to come. Our clients’ ideas, feedback, and objectives are given paramount importance, informing every decision and guiding every step of the construction process. We believe in the power of synergy, and it is this belief that drives our team to operate in unison with our clients, transforming their dreams into realities with one custom home at a time.

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