What’s the Process Like Having a Custom Home Built?

One question a family may encounter when moving is whether or not to build a custom home – one that stands out and lets them feel a sense of pride in their new home, knowing that they chose that tile pattern or a specific color of brick. If it seems like a daunting task, don’t worry! Coastal Plains Homes is here to explain our process in building your custom home.

Choose a Plan

After you have analyzed your finances and determined your budget for the home’s construction and mortgage, then you can begin the process of designing your custom home! We partner with architects who have designed many spatially rich floor plans that you can use as a starting point, but they can draw a new one if you cannot decide! Some factors that all of our floor plans can accommodate and that you’ll have to consider are the size (or square footage) of the inhabitable space, the visual style you appreciate, the geographic location of the property you’ll be building on (clear beach-side vs. a dense forest hillside, etc.), and the lot size of the properties buildable space. 

Modify the Plan

This is the fun part! Once you have decided on a base plan to work off of, you’ll have the chance to have direct agency and control over the details that make our houses feel like a family’s home. A common misconception about custom homes is that the customization is limited to minor details, but Coastal Plains Homes considers your vision for your home a higher priority than sticking to the script. You can make changes as drastic as omitting an entire wall to connect two rooms or as small as the color of the tile on the master bathroom floor will be. From the exterior finishes that can boost your house’s curb appeal to a built-in TV console with hidden, coordinating LED lights- you can customize the base plan to your liking!

Building Your Plan

Once the design you have modified is approved by architects, their engineering consultants, and the city- then it’s time for your plan to get built! Construction of your home goes through many phases, from pouring the foundations to framing all the walls and openings to installing the washing machine! Since this whole process often takes months, we’ll keep you updated as often as you like about your house’s process towards completion. Additionally, you do not need to worry about standing on-site with a clipboard directing the construction workers- we do that! As general contractors, we oversee construction schedules and quality to ensure we don’t exceed your budget. 

Moving In!

After we’ve finished the construction of your home and taken care of the necessary inspections, the closing process can begin! This often includes a lot of bookkeeping and paperwork from your end, but we do not close your account until you have received the keys and moved in. Moreover, here at Coastal Plains, everything is covered against defects in material and workmanship in the first year after you move in. The first two years also cover all possible mechanical (water, electric, air) defects, but we don’t stop there! We’ll cover all defects in material and workmanship for the foundation and major framing under a 10-year warranty. 

Building a custom home makes you stand out from your neighbors and instantly increases your house’s value compared to a “cookie-cutter” house in a suburban neighborhood. Apart from fiscal advantages, designing your own house can give you a sense of pride and deeper belonging in your new home when you directly influence what it would look and feel like!